Golf Tournament

The Brigham City location was due to Mother Nature’s windstorm that damaged about half of the trees at Ogden Golf and Country Club.
Thank you to all of our sponsors and participants for your participation and patience this year!
Next year’s event is sure to be an exciting draw. Please register here to receive more information as the event draws closer.
The 2021 tournament is scheduled for May 3, at Ogden Golf & Country Club.
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Welcome To The Union Station Foundation
Help us preserve, enhance and develop the historic Union Station and its museums
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May 24, 2021 at Mt Ogden Golf Course
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The Union Station Foundation's mission is to help preserve, enhance and protect Ogden's unique history.

The Union Station Foundation is dedicated to supporting the efforts of Ogden City to preserve and enhance Ogden’s unique history as shared at the Union Station. The future of the Union Station and its museums will take on greater significance in the future as we support efforts to tell the stories of those who came from Ogden and became significant contributors to making our State and Nation the remarkable places they are today.

Our History

Since 1978 when Union Pacific donated the historic Union Station to Ogden City, the foundation has worked to improve public offerings and historical education for thousands of annual visitors to Union Station.  The Foundation is now focusing its efforts on significant fundraising efforts that will preserve the unique stories of Ogden.

Support Local

Your donation to Ogden’s Union Station Foundation is guaranteed to stay in the local area and to support the Ogden community from area school children in their quest to learn the local history to preservation of the unique collections housed at the building.

Upcoming Events

As we continue to celebrate the year of the women, we will highlight six extraordinary women on a virtual program beginning October 15th that is certain to help us all appreciate the remarkable people who call themselves Ogdenites. These women and their families have made significant contributions to making Ogden what it is today.

Jazz At The Station

For 30 years, audiences of all ages have enjoyed the free offerings of Jazz at the Station. The unique architecture of Union Station enhances the sound offered by talented musicians each month.

About The Union Station Foundation

We offer our donors a chance to support Ogden at its iconic core. A gift to the Union Station Foundation is a gift of telling the story of Ogden’s unique history for generations to come.

Donate To The Foundation

Because we are a 501 (C) (3) organization, your donations are tax deductible. I vote we keep the verbage here to a minimum.


Remind yourself of the importance of preserving the historical stories told at Ogden’s Union Station. Click the donate button.


Donations of $50 or more qualify for a unique Marc Desobeau print.


Pat yourself on the back and collect your gifts. Please provide us with your mailing address. 

Buy The Train Book

Trains: Transformation and Triumph

Dive into a collection of historic and artistic images that immerse you in the story of building the railroad and the people who were dedicated to creating such a historical monument as Union Station, which played a pivotal role in transforming a nation.

Below are samples of the images found inside the book.


Women Change Makers program available to view

In this year that we are celebrating women, these six extraordinary women have each pledged a $10,000 matching grant. They will add their stories and comment on their historic connections to ogden and why it matters to them to preserve, protect and celebrate our ogden stories.

Our online program can be watched, shared and enjoyed anytime at your convenience. We hope you will forward it to all who are interested. The Alvey media group has filmed and created a program that will not only celebrate these champions and change makers but reveal and inform the direction of the museums and union station campus that we as a foundation are supporting. We hope you will join us in doubling your pledge by donating by November 21st. Join with these remarkable women in this remarkable year.